Comforting Chicken & Noodles Crock Pot

This is an incredible Crock Pot meal. Not only is it tasty, rich and delicious, but it’s also so easy to prepare. Cooking the chicken low and slow for several hours makes it tender and tasty. The pasta takes on the taste of the chicken and the creamy soup to make the whole pot irresistible. Even your hottest eater will clean your plate. This will soon become a new family favorite!

I absolutely love this recipe! I’ve always made it according to the recipe (I also always add a bag of mixed vegetables). Last week I made it with white and dark meat. My store was out of frozen pasta, but right next to that sad and empty space was a bag of cheese ravioli. Now I’m a recipe follower, so even this caused me a bit of anger! But it was wonderful! They didn’t absorb as much liquid as the dough, and it was creamy and delicious! It reminded me of a marijuana pie without a crust.

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