10 reasons why you should never throw pickle juice down the drain

In our sandwiches or plain, many of us are fond of pickles. Except that once finished, we often hasten to empty the pickle juice without paying attention.


Unfortunately this is a big mistake, because this juice has many benefits for health and for everyday life.


Calm stomach pain

They often occur after eating a spicy or acidic dish, heartburn is particularly unpleasant. By drinking it, the stomach produces natural anti-acids due to the vinegar present in the mixture.


Relieve sunburn

Despite sunscreen, it’s not uncommon to get a sunburn or even several. To relieve them, nothing like pickle juice. Thanks to salt and vinegar, it will reduce itching.


Anti-cramp remedy

After the effort, no one is safe from cramps. Pickle juice also has the ability to reduce muscle pain. It relaxes the muscles thanks to the sodium and potassium it contains.


Sore throat treatment

With the many changes in temperature, everyone is prone to sore throats. With its high salt content, pickle juice kills germs. You have to dilute it in hot water, rinse your mouth and throat, then spit it out.


Powerful degreaser

There is nothing worse than cleaning a burnt pot or pan. The acetic acid and salt in pickle juice can help you degrease your dishes more easily.


Stimulate plant growth

This tip will make gardening fans happy. Although this is not effective with all plants, some of them love acidic soils. This is the case of hydrangeas or rhododendrons which adore soils enriched by pickle juice.


Preserve the vegetables

This is its initial role with pickles but it can be recycled with other vegetables. Red onions, carrots or even broccoli can bathe in it for a much more pronounced taste.

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