Perfect Prime Rib Everytime

This is a fool proof method for making the best medium rare prime rib. Your seasonings can be changed according to your preference, but what’s listed works perfectly. It’s the cooking method that is the key. It cannot be stressed enough, the roast MUST be at room temperature in order for this to work. If it is the least bit cold in the middle of the roast, you will come out with a very rare roast. A mistake I only made once because I was worried about leaving it out to get warm. Don’t worry! It will be fine! I usually purchase 4.5 to 5 lb roasts and take it out of the fridge for a minimum of 5 hours to be sure it is room temp. It comes out absolutely PERFECT and juicy every time.
This is a specific formula for achieving a perfectly pink prime rib cooked somewhere a shade under medium rare. To use this method you must have a full-sized, modern oven with a digital temperature setting that indicates when it is preheated. Older ovens with manual controls can vary greatly, and the doors may not have the proper insulation.


1prime rib roast with or without bone (any size)
Garlic powder



Preheat oven to 550F degrees.

Make a rub of salt, pepper and garlic powder and apply to meat. Place meat in a shallow roasting pan fat side up.

Roast at 550 at 5 minutes per pound for RARE, or 6 minutes per pound for MEDIUM and 7 minutes per pound for WELL DONE.

Turn off oven at the end of cooking time and DO NOT OPEN OVEN DOOR FOR TWO HOURS.

At the end of the 2 hours, remove meat from oven to slice; it comes out perfect everytime.

Works the same with Roast beef. Try it you won’t be disappointed.


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