Heaven On Earth Cake

When we think of summers growing up we think of angel food cake. There’s something about the lighter-than-air cake that, when paired with berries, immediately takes us back to all those hot days when angel food cake was just the thing to satiate our sweet tooth without being too heavy in the heat. Well we’ve gone a couple steps further than a simple angel cake and some fruit, but the updates we’ve made have really catapulted this dish into our top tier of favorites, plus, you can make this any time of year. We give you: heaven on earth cake.

Also known (by our friends and family) as cherry angel trifle, this is a decadent, delicious trifle-esque dessert, in that it’s several layers of yumminess all rolled into one. Start by cubing an angel food cake – or two, if you’re using the loaf variety – and spread half of the cubes into your 9×13. Then it’s a matter of dolloping cherry pie filling on top of the cubes, followed by spreading a smooth layer of Greek yogurt vanilla pudding on top and the remaining cubed cake. A hearty layer of frozen whipped topping encases all the deliciousness and essentially forms a seal on it all, so the cake absorbs the pie filling and the pudding. YUM.

While you could serve this dessert right away, we recommend letting it set in the fridge for a day (or two), if you can wait that long. The flavors develop more, the angel food cakes soaks up some of moisture from the pudding and softens into truly addictive deliciousness, and you’re left with a dessert that is seriously so tasty. Whether you call it heaven on earth cake or cherry angel trifle, you can’t go wrong with this and you’ll find yourself craving it year-round!

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