Texas Sheet Cake Recipe

The best (and simplest) Texas sheet cake is an amazing chocolate cake recipe that is made in a jelly roll mold and coated with warm chocolate icing. It is the easiest to make chocolate cake and perfect for a party or potluck.
When I have a sweet tooth but want something that is also quick and easy to make, I always come up with a few recipes. Texas tin cake is one of the dessert recipes that comes to my mind again and again. My other simple dessert recipes include chocolate brownies, scotcheroos and jumbo chocolate chip cookies.

The BEST Texas Sheet Cake
This recipe for Texas Sheet Cake comes from my amazing mother-in-law, and believe me, there is no better recipe! I have tried several sheet cakes and this one beats them all! Texas Sheet Cake is my husband’s favorite recipe and is loved by everyone in my family.
why is it called texas sheet cake?
It is not known why chocolate sheet cake is often called “Texas sheet cake”. I like to think it is because it is a cake the size of Texas. 🙂

This chocolate cake recipe is made in a tin cake tin, hence the name “tin cake”. A tin cake is any cake that is made in a large rectangular shape known as a tin mold or jelly roll mold.

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