Mom’s Goulash

I never learned to make goulash – I only knew that it had pasta, ground beef and tomato stuffing, according to my mother’s memories of what her mother made. But she never made it, so I just made up my own way of preparing it, similar to how I made spaghetti with meat sauce, but with macaroni noodles.

Finally I ate real (real as in Americanized real, not Hungarian real) goulash at my in-laws’ house. I’ve been wanting to get my MIL’s recipe for a long time, because even though Dennis never says, “that’s not the way Mom used to make it,” I always wanted to cook his favorite dishes that he grew up with, and goulash was at the top of the list. His mother’s goulash is really, really good! After I enjoyed it at Easter, I asked her exactly what she put in it so I could cook it at home. I have never made a better goulash, and Den’s favorite dish is now one of my absolute favorites. We could eat it almost every week!

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