This recipe uses chocolate syrup. It is a very moist and delicious brownie. It is also one of my favorite brownie recipes. Store in airtight container. The Hershey Syrup gives the brownies their nice chocolaty flavor and super moist texture.

Have You Ever Had HERSHEY’S SYRUP BROWNIES Before? Now Is A Great Time!

Wonderful brownies! They are moist and tasty. I baked them on a cookie sheet and they baked very quickly! The frosting is great on top. Thanks for posting it!

I am a fairly new baker, and the instructions on this were not as explanatory as I needed! Everything went well, but I didn’t realize the frosting would be so watery. I took the brownies out of the pan before I put the b/c frosting on, I only wanted to make half of it. Next time I will definitely leave the brownies in the pan for that part. I think the frosting is necessary because the brownies are not very sweet. I also used a frying pan 9″ x 13″ and baked some more. They were really good, thanks!

To make this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

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