Grilled Turkey And Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Turkey And Cheese Sandwich

Turkey Grilled Cheese—roasted turkey, smoked provolone, peppery bacon, and garlicky sage mayo on sourdough grilled in salted butter to a delightful crisp.

I am so stoked to be partnering with Duke’s Mayo to bring y’all this amazing Turkey Grilled Cheese with Sage Mayo recipe. This is the ultimate grown-up grilled cheese. It’s got juicy oven-roasted turkey breast, smoked provolone, crispy pepper bacon, and a sensational garlic sage spread made with none other than Duke’s Real Mayonnaise.

Duke’s Mayo is heralded as the mayo of the south by professional chefs and serious home cooks like myself for good reason. It’s got a creamy tanginess that shines in our down-home recipes like Southern Potato Salad. And being naturally sugar-free, Duke’s is the perfect mayo to elevate keto-friendly dishes like my Maryland Shrimp Salad. Duke’s has got that twang that takes a dish from good to great! Be sure to follow on Instagram for more bold, palate-thrilling recipe inspiration.


  • 4 slices panini-style sourdough bread
  • 8 oz roasted turkey breast
  • 4 oz pepper bacon cooked until crispy
  • 8 oz smoked provolone
  • 4 tbsp salted butter softened more as needed

Sage Mayo

  •  c Duke’s Real Mayonnaise
  • 3 cloves roasted garlic or 1 clove of fresh garlic
  • 1 fresh sage leaf ribboned
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • Lemon zest optional


  • To a food processor add the mayo, sage, roasted garlic cloves, olive oil, lemon juice, and lemon zest. Pulse a few times to combine the ingredients well. Transfer to a bowl; set aside.
  • Spread butter on both sides of 4 slices of bread. Place the skillet over a low-medium flame and brush the surface with butter.
  • Layer the bread slices in the pan to brown on one side for 1-2 minutes. Flip the slices adding more butter to the surface of the pan. Place 2 slices of cheese on each bread slice.
  • Quickly place the turkey breast on 2 slices of bread followed by the bacon on the other 2. Generously spread the sage mayo on the turkey then flip the bread with the bacon on top.
  • Allow the cheese to melt for about 30-45 seconds before flipping both sandwiches to melt the cheese on the other side for the same amount of time if needed. Remove the sandwiches from the pan and cut in half before serving.

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