Nice bread-like cheese muffins. Not overly cheesy, but feel free to add more. One of my favorites!

I made these exactly like the recipe except I made mini muffins (cook only 13 minutes and keep an eye on them not to overcook). Used one T sugar only. I used half extra sharp and half medium sharp cheddar.

I liked the consistency of the muffins but I didn’t find they had a cheesy taste at all. Next time I will add more cheese. They were fairly sweet but I didn’t mind that.

This is a great recipe if you are looking to make a sweet cheddar cheese muffin which is exactly what I was looking for. These are NOT a savoury muffin.

A good muffin really easy to make with good texture and taste. The cheese flavor was there but not too strong which worked for us.

I followed the advice from other commenters and backed off a bit from the sugar and upped the cheese amount. The result was outstanding! My family devoured them.

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