Snowball Cookies

For as long as I can remember, baking Christmas cookies has been the highlight of my vacations.

A few days before Christmas, my mother somehow found time to sit down with two young children to cut, bake and decorate hundreds of Christmas cookies. To this day, when my sister and I come home for the vacations, we still drag out the old recipes and cookie cutters.

Over the years, we’ve changed the tradition a bit, renaming it “vacation cookie decorating”. In addition to adding wine to the festivities, we have also experimented with new recipes.

These snowball cookies are not strictly Christmas cookies, but the winter theme is definitely appropriate for the vacations. These round and delicate snowball cookies are aptly named and fit perfectly into any cookie tray. While children love sweets, the ground nuts and almond extract give these cookies a rich flavor that adults will enjoy as well.

And these cookies don’t just taste like adults. They also happen to be a treat for the health-conscious sweet tooth. It’s a paradox, but there are many of us. Luckily, whole wheat flour and organic ingredients keep these cookies light for guilt-free fun.

These cookies may have a luxurious taste, but they’re actually very simple to make. With only five ingredients, this recipe is easy to make and makes a perfect last-minute dessert.

Simply mix the ingredients, roll them into one-inch balls and bake in the oven at 400 degrees for eight to ten minutes. To complete the snowball effect, roll the cooled cookies in extra powdered sugar.

To make this recipe, you need the following ingredients:


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