Lemony Lemon Brownies

I know, I know, technically I could get in a lot of trouble (you know, from the food blogger police) calling these non-brownie treats brownies. But every once in a while I like to throw caution to the wind and let that be today.

These little lemony brownie bites are so utterly amazing, it won’t really matter what they are called once you fall in love.

The texture is everything soft and cakey and chewy and a little dense. The real lemon flavor comes through in the tart and sweet glaze and compliments that subtle lemon brownie layer in very magical ways.

It really is like a bite of sweet, fresh, lemony heaven.

Easy and quick to whip up, you can serve them at room temperature. But if you decide to chill them first, be prepared to hand them out to neighbors, friends and strangers immediately or else all self-control may be lost.

They are so good chilled, I want to weep. Consider yourself warned.

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