Fried Rice Done Super Fast!

After I graduated from college and moved into my first apartment, life was busy. I was trying to keep up with my job, social life, family, and taking care of the responsibilities that go with living on your own. I had always had someone around to take care of me, so it was a bit overwhelming. After a few months, I was starting to get into the swing of things. I had found a laundry mat nearby that was connected to a Chinese takeout restaurant.

Every Wednesday, I would go down there, do my laundry, and order dinner. It was my one day a week that I approved takeout in my meal, except if I was going out with friends or something. This takeout place always served a ton of rice with everything you ordered.

I could never eat it all. I hated to waste it, after all, I was living on a budget. That’s when I decided to do something with that leftover rice and I came up with a recipe that was very similar to this one from Group Recipes. It was a great way to save my leftovers, and my money!

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