3 Ingredients Banana Bread

These 3-ingredient banana bread bars are a quick and easy recipe to make with oatmeal, banana and peanut butter! Made with no eggs, butter or flour, these thick and fluffy bars are ready in 12 minutes!

I have a story about this easy 3-ingredient banana bread recipe that I will share with you today. It’s a food product that is close to my heart. 🙂

I promise you that I am not going to start making gluten everywhere, but my mom recently eliminated gluten from her diet to see if she was allergic to it and if it was causing skin irritations, which prompted me to create a few more flourless baking recipes that I can bake for people who don’t or can’t eat gluten. I will probably never go gluten free myself unless I have to do it for medical reasons, but if I had to do it, I know I would survive. There are so many great recipes and products that allow you to enjoy baked goods even if you cannot eat gluten. But I can’t imagine a life without gluten-containing breads, cookies, doughnuts, etc.! 😉

You see, a little over a few years ago, when I found out I was pregnant with Kennedy, the very first thing that came to my mind and what I needed to do, first and foremost, was to learn how to cook. I told Chris first, but then I had to learn how to cook. Not having a crib. Not learning how to change a diaper. Not knowing what kindergarten she would go to, or even how much it would all cost. First, I needed to learn to cook. Because, in my mind, real mothers should have a good, tasty recipe up their sleeves so they could create a nice, happy home environment. That sounds fair to me. This quick 3-ingredient banana bread recipe is delicious! I couldn’t believe how good it was with such simple ingredients. All you need is 3 or 4 ripe bananas, eggs and a box of cake mix. Yes, you can make a delicious banana bread with a box of your favorite cake mix. Last week I had bananas that were starting to ripen and needed to use them, so I decided to try this easy recipe.

It’s one of the most delicious quick breads you’ll ever taste, and you definitely need to share it with your friends! This easy Amish Friendship Bread has cinnamon and sugar notes for a breakfast, snack or sweet dessert that goes great with a hot cup of coffee.

3 Ingredient Banana Bread Recipe
You will need it:

3 crushed ripe bananas

2 eggs

1 can of yellow cake mix

nuts are optional~

How to do it :

Crush the bananas

Mix your eggs

add nuts now if you use them

Then add the cake mix *Bake in 2 small bread pans
You can freeze one of the breads for later.

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